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 business envelopes

Customize your business envelopes any way you'd like with custom services from North Dakota Envelope in Kenmare, North Dakota. We can offer you an envelope designed to fit your specific needs in a variety of sizes which includes business sizes and large envelopes.

At North Dakota Envelope, we understand that sometimes the standard window is too big or in the wrong location. That is why we specialize your window according to your specific needs! Whether you need a smaller or larger window and would like it placed in a specific place, we are here to help.

Our custom printing services allow you to feature your business logo on your envelopes. Additionally, we ensure that your bar-code for returned mail is up to date.

Full-Service Printing

Choose North Dakota Envelope for top-quality envelope printing with lightning-fast turnaround times! We have more than two million envelopes in stock at a given time, which means you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Sizing Options

At North Dakota Envelope, we offer you top-quality envelope printing in a variety of sizes, including standard and large. If we are unable to accommodate your request, we will let you know right away.

Vibrant Colors

We offer one-, two-, and full-color envelope printing. We run Halm Jet Presses, which allows us to print up to two colors with tight registration. If two colors are touching each other, they do not move around, so there is no gap. This ensures the vibrant color scheme that you deserve.



 Minimum orders starting at 500 and then price breaks starting at 1,000.  The higher the quantity the lower the cost.  Please contact us for details if you would like printed envelopes or if you would like pricing information on larger orders.


  • Announcements
  • Booklet Envelopes
  • Business Envelopes
  • Catalog Envelopes
  • Clasp Envelopes
  • Formal Envelopes
    •  Laid
    • Linen
    • Fiber
    • Bond
  • FDIC Tint
  • Remittance


Sealing Options

  • Gum Seal
  • Peel and Seal
  • Simple Seal
  • Latex Envelope

All pricing will be based on regular Gum Seal unless otherwise requested.